When I thought about writing this piece, I originally intended it to be 5 DE&I Focused New Year’s Resolutions Anyone Can Make.” Then I did a little research and found that less than 5% of Americans actually stick to all of the New Year’s Resolutions they make.

Aside from feeling personally attacked (It is me. I am admittedly in the 95%), I did not want to contribute to the list of great-sounding things that 95% of us will not follow through on. …

This is a call to the Black community to organize, unify, and act.

Our differences in generational experiences can separate us and cause contention that slows us down. Or, they can make us stronger, more effective, and harder to oppress.

Gen Z is not having it. Millennials have never been with it. Gen X has had enough. And Baby Boomers are flat out exhausted. Traditionalists are still hoping they see the day of change.

Racism is a cross-generational plague that has haunted Black America from generation to generation. It looks slightly different as time passes, but it feels the same…

I do belong, I do matter, as does every other black life in America

The following is a true story. It is my true story. One I’ve only shared with friends and family. It is uncomfortable for me to recount the events that took place that day late last year. Partially because it leaves me extremely vulnerable, and partially because it may come off as a complaint, rather than a perspective to learn from, as I intend it to be. I am not complaining, nor am I seeking sympathy. I share this in pursuit of empathy, greater understanding, awareness, and action. Action towards a more inclusive and equitable America… including Corporate America.

Last year…

Hey, leader.

I know you’re overwhelmed.

As you attempt to lead your multigenerational team through this scary and tumultuous time, I want to provide you with a little context and information that may help you understand the different responses members of your team may be having based on their experiences as a generation. Keep in mind that generational context provides us with a backdrop of the story but it is not the entire story. Each of your team members has a unique experience of their own that may contribute to the response they are having to the pandemic and that…

Raven Solomon

Raven is a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Speaker, Author, & Strategist who helps organizations understand generations, racial equity, and their intersection.

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